Structural Panels Inc

structural panels inc


Country: Canada

Language: English

Industry: Industrial Equipment & Manufacturing

WSI Service:

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Company Background:

Structural Panels Inc. (SPI) is an all-Canadian, family owned and operated manufacturer of high-quality, steel-skinned insulated sandwich panels that are ideal for walls, partitions, ceilings, and value-added projects. Their products have been successfully integrated into countless commercial, industrial and residential projects across the country and overseas. Available in a wide range of core thicknesses and colours, our custom-made Rockwall™ and Isowall® panels are particularly well-suited for industries requiring clean rooms, fire resistance (1, 2 & 3 hours), controlled temperature rooms and high wash-down areas. They also offer a complete range of associated and accessory materials to complement their products and support a complete installation. Established in 1987 as ‘Isowall Inc.’, SPI started manufacturing an insulated panel that features an expanded polystyrene (EPS) core called Isowall®. Isowall® panels are particularly adept for architectural applications where thermal efficiency and/or a controlled atmosphere is required. Throughout the years, Isowall® panels have continued to meet established criteria set by Agricultural Canada’s Food Production and Inspection Branch (now known as CFIA), and continue to be used wherever insulating, sanitary, and/or washable walls or ceilings are required. In 1997, SPI began producing Rockwall™; a panel with a superior mineral wool core that features 1, 2 & 3 hour Warnock Hersey-certified fire resistance as well as a consistently high insulation value. Developed specifically to meet the demand for a fire-resistant, aesthetic, high performance, steel-faced building or wall system, this airtight panel system can be installed easily and quickly and provides an efficient thermal envelope that features unrivaled fire resistance while leaving a small carbon footprint. SPI is a leading supplier of structural insulated panels to construction companies, architects, designers, contractors and specialty builders throughout all of Canada, USA, Mexico and beyond. Over the years, SCI has established strong relationships with a number of different industries, including (but not limited to); food and beverage storage and processing, mining and oilfield, farming and agriculture, machinery, electrical, and retail establishments.

The Objective:

Shift from a more traditional marketing model and begin to use the internet to deliver more and better quality leads at a lower cost per lead.

WSI Solutions:

Leveraging Search Engine Optimization and online paid advertising allowed SCI to experiment with digital marketing over the last 3 years and compare the costs to traditional marketing methodology.

The Results:

– 218% increase in website traffic – 216% increase in phone and web form conversions – 4x increase in gross sales numbers – large increase in bonuses given to staff – large increase in donations given to local community, including construction of the new local food bank facility – Return On Marketing Investment (ROMI) of 3882% – Security and peace-of-mind for entire team, from C-Suite to production line team

Client Testimonial:

“…I can’t even find the words…I sit and look at our accounting data and I’m like ‘who even are we?’ I mean I don’t wanna jinx it, but wow. We’re busy all of the time. Even when we’re not that busy, we’re somehow still busy. We’ve given out [large bonuses] to each person on the plant staff via two quarterly company performance bonuses, and our August schedule is almost fully booked solid! Don’t tell anyone though- we’ll always take more orders… 😊 Another fun fact? Yesterday we just crested our sales target FOR THE YEAR with two bigger orders we brought into pending…”