Dichtomatik Americas


Website: http://www.dichtomatik.us

Country: United States

Language: English

Industry: Industrial Equipment & Manufacturing

WSI Service:

  • Website Build
  • SEO

The Objective:

“Challenges: When we began working with the team at Dichtomatik their website was an outdated, SEO unfriendly, little content with no CMS, non-responsive site. For this reason they were not marketing themselves on the Internet. Dichtomatik is a multimillion dollar international B2B company that did not present that way on the Internet and they needed help to do so. Dichtomatik’s target audience is engineers and repair technicians that need custom as well as mass produced seals for their machines/equipment. They also work with parts distributors that need to know how to reach Dichtomatik quickly on the Internet and then find the part that their customer is asking for. None of these goals were being met prior to working with WSI. Campaign Goals: Custom SEO Campaign Primary Goal: Optimize newly launched website for search engine visibility. Secondary Goals: Attract users (Increase organic traffic) for lead generation from their “Contact Us” and “Contact an Engineer” forms & conversions of users opening the e-catalog. New Website designed started out with great traffic results, including thousands of visits, and has only improved since. The products & categories are very technical and require a lot of input from the client as we strive to draft content with Technical information that is core to the client’s offerings.”

WSI Solutions:

Prior to launching the SEO campaign, we needed to revamp the clients website for the following reasons: Outdated design and legacy technology framework with no CMS. Client wanted an easy to use CMS so we recommended WordPress. Responsive Web Design. SEO Friendly Structure. With many schematics & technical papers already existing on the site, future strategy involves re-organizing the content into a more manageable & easier to navigate format. This allows us to not only create new content for optimization, but best utilize the client’s existing documents. This includes optimizing PDFs, schematics, and downloadable documents. A new WordPress responsive and SEO friendly website. We also linked the WP site to their online Catalogue, allowing users to connect to the clients products catalogue, login and make product quote requests. Once the site was live, we launched a custom SEO campaign focusing on 10 keywords. The client was new to SEO so we needed to launch a campaign that would generate results and earn the trust of the client. We also created social properties on their behalf that the client is maintaining. Due to the technical nature of the products, thorough input is required from the client to draft appropriate & relevant content such as informational articles & technical papers. In this scenario, we worked with the client in the development of a marketing plan, the client creates the content and we then complete all the required on-page and off-page optimization.

The Results:

“In a matter of 4 months the client had improved visibility to the point where they were attracting a 2,586 overall organic sessions and almost 1,707 users/month across all organic sources. Referrals to the e-Catalogue increased from 404 to 6472 in the four months the new site was launched, supporting the clients goal of driving traffic to their product catalogue. There has been 136 Contact Us and Connect with an Engineer forms submitted in three months. This campaign is still ongoing having just finished its 4th month. Within this short period rankings and traffic have improved, doubling the number of page rankings and increasing overall & organic search traffic significantly. Please see attached images for more information.”